What Is the Best Place To Buy Finnish Jewelry Online?

Finnish jewelers take inspiration from the uniqueness of the country’s deep cultural heritage and natural beauty. The country has many jewelers who offer a special range of Finnish jewelry for every taste and budget. You will always find something that will make you stand out in their collections.

Whether you are looking for simple pendants made with precious metals or a more elaborate piece, there are several top online shops in Finland that provide jewelry for many loyal customers in Finland. They have built their brands well over the years to become well-known to the Finns. The webshops listed below were selected and described based on the reviews contained in ReviewsBird.

Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Jewelry has been offering high-grade pieces for over a century. Lapponia Jewelry became a part of the company after a successful merger in 2020. You can still get Lapponia’s specials under the Kalevala brand.

The company’s collections are inspired by mythology and folklore that are unique to the Finns. Traditional methods are used to make them—from simple rings to exquisite pieces made of precious metals. There are highly skilled artisans in Kalevala making sure that the best possible products are made.


You can find a vast range of Finnish jewelry styles and designs to select from on Bulvardi’s webshop. The brand offers personalization services to its customers so they can reach for the exact uniqueness they want. Whatever you want to be engraved on the pendants, rings, or chains can be done at reasonable prices. Bulvardi helps you turn your memories into treasures. This service only takes a few days, but the timing depends on the complexity of the job.

Bulvardi’s personalization services also take comfortability into consideration. They produce pieces that will fit you perfectly without hassles. The jewelers utilize technical expertise to transform the metals used, fastening mechanisms, chain lengths, etc. They still manage to maintain the originality of the first design of the piece, while rendering such a service.

What about Bulvardi’s storage service? This service is for those who want to make sure that the vitality, condition, and integrity of their pieces are adequately preserved. So you can contact the experts at this company the moment you notice that your pieces may be experiencing deterioration. They will replace your Finnish jewelry rings, locks, and so on easily. Various methods are used (depending on the type of piece) in cleaning or polishing your pieces.

Turn your pieces into jewelry worth calling an heirloom at Bulvardi. They even have an authentication service for evaluating the value of each piece for the sake of insurance and other reasons.

Finnish Jewelry

Pearly Parrot Jewelry Store

This Finnish jewelry store specializes in unique pearl jewelry and pearls. They also perform custom jobs, gemological studies, repair faulty pieces, and evaluate value. Your precious stones will be well taken care of at Pearly Parrot Jewelry Store. The company is based in Espoo, so you can easily visit them if you stay around there. Their showroom and office services can be accessed when you make an appointment.

House of Elliot

This is a family company in Finland that designs pearl jewelry just like Pearly Parrot. Their collections are planned in Finland and ethically made in Asia. The pearls and other materials are carefully chosen to ensure first-rate quality. Some pieces are designed with a mix of classic inspiration and modern influences.

Choose the online store that appeals to your senses, but make sure that you read its customer reviews. Go for a reputable webshop with a long history of providing first-rate pieces. One more notable place to get Finnish jewelry from is Ubuy Finland. It has a massive collection of pieces such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, studs, and more.