Grab Some Duct Tape for a DIY Fix

If you hang around the South long enough, you will see some pretty ingenious fixes for everything from torn window screens to roofing tiles. In fact, there is a saying that if duct tape can’t fix it, then it can’t be fixed. Well, contrary to popular Southern opinion, there are some things that need a professional touch.

It Isn’t a Miracle Fix

There are only a few areas where duct tape isn’t a viable solution for repair. Take watercraft as an example. If your boat sprung a leak, you wouldn’t want to use a piece of tape. You would call the nearest marina for information on replacement parts for boats. If your arm was broken, you wouldn’t use tape to hold it in place. It could be a temporary fix, but you would need a surgeon to take a look. In spite of these situations, there are some things that duct tape can be used for effectively.

  1. Protect Your Hardwood Floors. If your hardwood floors are being scuffed by moving furniture feet, put a piece of tape on the bottom of the feet to protect the floor’s surface. You can also cover the edges of ladders to prevent scuffing walls or other surfaces.
  2. Protect Your Windows. Perhaps you’ve seen a giant X made of tape over glass windows before a storm. This can help prevent the glass from shattering because it will fall in large chunks.
  3. Protect Your Projects. If you need a smooth edge on a construction project, place a piece of tape along the seam of the wood to be cut to keep pieces from splintering and splitting.
  4. Protect Your Purchase. Although it won’t be a permanent fix, duct tape can keep air from leaking out of mattresses or balls. It can seal tent doors or rip in sleeping bags.

Duct tape can be a DIY solution for the right project. Just be sure to know when the time is right or when you need a professional.

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