Vehicles have long departed from their primary function of bearing their owner from one part of the world to another. Swedish car are now the latest pawns in the game of elegance, comfort, style, and exclusivity. According to the rave reviews that are usually left on popular Swedish reviews, the Swedes do not have any problem paying their top money for cars that bear these qualities as long as they receive value for the money.

Sweden is home to some of the world’s most exclusive and expensive Swedish car brands. Below are five of their most expensive brands, based on the region’s reviews about automotive services.


Before you argue that a truck and bus brand does not qualify to be on this list, make sure a trucker is not next to you. Scania has been a worldwide authority on producing heavy-duty trucks, public buses, commercial vehicles, and diesel-operated automobiles since the brand’s door opened in 1911.

There is a huge possibility that your first comfortable public bus ride in the country will be on a Scania product due to its popularity in Sweden. Maybe you are looking for a luxurious bus ride for sightseeing, a class trip, or a heavy truck for your industry. You might want to keep your eyes out for their logo.


Many who knew the Swedish car automotive industry in the late Nineties will remember the popular car brand Saab Automobile. It is safe to say NEVS is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the exceptional car brand after its unfortunate bankruptcy.

NEVS has since changed its focus from its predecessor’s clamor for safety to advocating for electric vehicles and self-driving cars. The brand’s cars perfectly blend the past and the possible future. If you are a clean and sustainable transportation fan, you might choose to bank on their products despite the financial implications.

Swedish car


When Leif Tufvesson started the Caresto car brand in 2004, many car enthusiasts knew the automobile industry could not afford to stay the same. The man’s impressive resume brought attention and high expectations on the design and the type of vehicle this enigma would make. It is safe to say Tufvesson did not meet these expectations. With his partnership with Volvo, he has created cars synonymous with opulence and style, as many of his clients asked for.


Polestar is similar to Caresto in many ways – they are both Swedish, designed for the selected few who can afford them, and both created by Volvo.

Polestar is famous for being an electric car with specs and promise that it can rival any other electric vehicle brand on the entire planet. The vehicle’s design is top-notch to meet its performance and is often the choice of Swedes who know their cars.


Koenigsegg is a supercar brand that needs no introduction to those who can afford its products. Their cars are limited, scarce, and hand-made with exceptional attention to detail – just how you like them. If speed is what you are looking for, the Swedish brand owns some of the fastest cars in the world that you can choose from.


Your car is not only your transportation space; it can be your place of therapy when you need to clear your head or your place of comfort when you need to rest your back. Just remember to drive in class and comfort.