4 Common Commercial Roadside Assistance Services

As a professional driver, you put a lot of miles on your truck or bus. Because of the sheer amount of time you spend behind the wheel, it is likely that over the course of any given year, you will encounter an issue with your vehicle. When you have a commercial emergency road service, you can drive with peace of mind. Here are four of the most common commercial roadside assistance services available to you.

1. Mechanical Breakdown Assistance

Even the most well-maintained commercial vehicles occasionally experience mechanical problems. Commercial trucks are complex. Any number of things from hydraulics to electrical systems can malfunction. While some drivers are skilled at making needed repairs while on the road, others need help when there is a mechanical issue.

Whether you need a mobile mechanic dispatched or a tow to the nearest shop, an emergency road service plan is designed to offer help whenever and wherever you need it.

Roadside Assistance

2. Flat Tire Assistance

Changing a flat tire on a large commercial truck or bus is a big job that can require specialized equipment or more than one person to complete. A commercial emergency roadside assistance company will dispatch someone to help a driver change, replace, or repair a flat tire.

3. Lockout and Key Replacement 

Sometimes keys get accidentally locked in a truck or even lost entirely. A roadside assistance plan will send a locksmith to help you gain access to your vehicle again by unlocking it or replacing a lost key.

4. Vehicle Jump-Start

Occasionally, all that is needed when a commercial vehicle fails to turn over is a simple jump-start. This type of battery assistance is a basic component of any emergency roadside assistance plan.

Commercial emergency road services help when you need it the most. These plans are generally of great value to commercial drivers putting tens of thousands of miles on their vehicles annually.