Avoid Auto Repair Fraud

When you go to an auto repair facility you are essentially paying someone to diagnose and repair your vehicle for you. Even if you have a company that has competent and honest workers you will still have to pay the high cost that comes with auto repair facilities. Today the average labor costs is between sixty and ninety an hour. Only half of what you pay goes to the actual technician.

One scam that is common in auto repair facilities is to charge you a standard “flat rate” estimate for your car. While this in itself is not bad, the problem is some companies will take less than the estimated flat rate time to work on your car and yet still require you to pay the flat rate. The flat rate is supposed to be determined by the year, make and model of your car and the estimated time it will take to do work on that vehicle. The best company will charge you only for the actual time it takes to fix the vehicle.

To make sure you get a good auto repair facility it is best to stick with a company that your family and friends recommend. If you find you are satisfied with their work then continue to work with them. Trust and a lasting relationship with your mechanic goes a long way towards reducing problems.